You Can Send A Magical Message In A Coca-Cola Bottle This Christmas


In partnership with Coca-Cola.

Christmas gifts are hard. Anything that anyone actually wants I flat out cannot afford to buy them, the best way to make Christmas special for people is with a thoughtful gift.

But thoughtful gifts take a lot of, well… thought, which can be incredibly time consuming at an already frantically busy time of year.


Thankfully Coca-Cola, who let’s face it have the most Christmassy adverts in history, have come up with an awesome way to show your love to people with a recorded message in a Coca-Cola bottle.


They’ve created ‘Message in a Bottle‘ – a limited edition special cap that can record messages up to 30 seconds long and play them back when someone opens the bottle.

The whole thing about the holidays is coming together and being with the ones you love. Sharing a voice message seems a great way to show your love in a personal way.


Or pull some weird pranks on your unsuspecting gran as she watches The Great Escape.

Whatever you prefer I suppose.