Adam Sandler Has Sixth Sense About His Films’ Successes

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 18 Oct 2020 15:57
Adam Sandler Has Sixth Sense About His Films' SuccessesAdam Sandler Has Sixth Sense About His Films' SuccessesNetflix/Sony

While many parents will have a sixth sense about when their kids have done something wrong, Adam Sandler has one that helps him work out whether his film will be successful or not.

From Happy Gilmore to Grown Ups, Sandler has long been active in the movie industry, so it makes sense that he has a feeling whether a film will flop or fly.


Following the release of his most recent Netflix movie, Hubie Halloween, the 54-year-old actor and filmmaker spoke to Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show about the ‘feeling’ he gets when he’s released something new.

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Sandler told the sportscaster:

I just got it. You get a feeling. When I have a hit coming, I walk differently. The bones feel better, I hear better, I react better to like ‘Hey, Sandman’ on the street. I’ll go, ‘Hey, what’s up.’

When I got something coming out that’s not going to do well, the bones feel dead, there’s no hop, I’m flat-footed, I hear, ‘Hey, Sandman,’ and I do this [waves people away] ‘No, no.’ You know? [Hubie Halloween]’s a hit.


The Halloween movie made its debut on Netflix last week, October 7, and boasts many well-known faces including Grown Ups alumni Kevin James, Rob Schneider and Steve Buscemi, and Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen. It also features a cameo from Dan Patrick himself.

Catch the trailer here:

The official synopsis for Hubie Halloween reads:


Hubie Dubois (Sandler) thanklessly spends every Halloween making sure the residents of his hometown, Salem, celebrate safely and play by the rules. But this year, an escaped criminal and a mysterious new neighbor have Hubie on high alert.

When people start disappearing, it’s up to Hubie to convince the police (Kevin James, Kenan Thompson) and townsfolk that the monsters are real, and only he can stop them.

Hubie Halloween is available to watch on Netflix now. 

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