Adele Compares Herself To Voldemort In Hilarious Crossover

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Adele Compares Herself To Voldemort In Hilarious CrossoverWarner Bros. Pictures/NikkieTutorials/YouTube

Adele fans were left in hysterics after the singer compared herself to Voldemort while having her makeup done. 

Following her return to the spotlight with the release of her latest album, 30, Adele appeared on the NikkieTutorials YouTube channel to undergo a makeover.


Nikkie admitted she’d been ‘dreaming about this day for years’ as she prepared to get to work, before explaining that she would only be putting makeup on half of Adele’s face in order to portray ‘the power of makeup’.

While applying the products, Nikkie asked Adele if she loved ‘a good brow’, to which Adele responded: ‘love a brow!’

The Easy On Me singer went on to explain that she dyes her eyebrows to be darker than their natural colour, claiming that if she doesn’t she looks ‘like Voldemort’ because they go ‘so pale and blonde.’


We all know what Voldemort looks like, right? The pale, bald, nose-less villain of the Harry Potter world? He’s not the first person that would spring to mind if I was tasked with finding Adele’s doppelgänger, but I suppose no one knows the singer like she knows herself, so who am I to argue?

Adele backed her claims by referencing an occasion on which she’d been photographed with her natural brows, telling Nikkie: ‘There’s a photograph once I saw of me leaving a Lady Gaga gig in London, I looked crazy, I looked like an elfling or something… my eyebrows were so blown out from not having them dyed…. I need a brow.’

Of course, after hearing about this seemingly iconic photo fans couldn’t resist attempting to find it for themselves, and thanks to the power of the internet it did not take long for them to succeed.


Many made clear that they didn’t entirely disagree with Adele’s comparison, with one sharing a crying – presumably with laughter – face as they wrote: ‘Adele Talking About Resembling Voldemort and I can’t…’

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Sharing the image online, another fan wrote: ‘This is the picture Adele talked about in the interview with Nikkie, where she compared herself to Voldemort when she doesn’t dye her eyebrows.. I absolutely love her!’

Though the comparison is a hilarious one, it should go without saying that, eyebrows or not, Adele is definitely a lot more attractive than Voldemort. In fact, the Dark Lord should consider himself lucky that the beloved singer likened herself to him in the first place.


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