Amber Rose Inks Both Kids’ Names Onto Her Forehead

by : Julia Banim on : 10 Feb 2020 15:09
Amber Rose Inks Both Kids' Names Onto Her ForeheadAmber Rose Inks Both Kids' Names Onto Her ForeheadCool Kicks/YouTube

You may well love your kids more than life itself, but would you ever go as far as to have their names inked on your forehead?


Many mums have a mini tat of their kids name on their wrist or arm, but the ever outspoken Amber Rose has gone one step further; having her sprogs’ names inked on her actual forehead.

Beginning her career in modelling and music videos – which included an appearance in Kanye West’s 2008 Put On vid – Amber has since gone on to become a prominent women’s rights activist; launching The Amber Rose SlutWalk Festival in 2015.

The names of Amber’s two young sons – Bash and Slash – have apparently been written on her forehead in swooping cursive, Bash on her right hand side and Slash on the left.


Now, it hasn’t been officially confirmed that this is a full-blown, permanent tattoo – you can get some very convincing temporary ink nowadays – but it’s certainly a striking look.

This new body art was captured by Instagram user @notyourkittycosplay, who had a heartwarming encounter with the super generous model and SlutWalk activist.

Check it out:

Captioning a photograph of herself posing with Amber, the happy fan wrote:

I was just shopping at @dollskill and my card declined bc I forgot to tell my bank I was leaving the state. I walked away to call them and the cashier walked up to me with my bag and said ‘This is for you from Amber Rose’. LA is WILD y’all.

This skin art was also visible in a sneaker shopping video uploaded to YouTube by COOLkicks LA, which you can check out for yourself below:


Amber’s eldest kid, Sebastian ‘Bash’ Taylor, turned seven this month, while her younger son, Slash Electric Alexander Edwards, is just three months old.

Following Slash’s birth in October 2019, Amber’s partner, record label executive Alexander ‘A.E’ Edwards, wrote the following touching post on Instagram:

Slash Electric Alexander Edwards.. the world is urs now. thank u @amberrose for loving me so much that u put ur body thru it 2 bring my sun in2 the world. I could never be as strong as u. Slash a rockstar

Amber, 36, has previously spoken about her love for her children with People:

I literally almost shed a tear every single time when he [Bash] hugs me really tight and he says, ‘Oh, Mommy, I love you so much.

I want him to do any and every thing that makes him smile and be happy forever.

Amber has yet to post a picture or video of herself sporting the tattoo, subsequently confirming whether it’s a real inking or not. Honestly, I kind of like it, but – if this is indeed a real tattoo – she’s going to run out of room pretty quickly if she chooses to have anymore kids in the future…

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