Amy Childs Posts Embarrassing Photoshop Fail, Proves Nothing Is Real


Amy Childs, of former TOWIE fame, has proved just how fake a life lived on reality TV can make a person in an embarrassing Photoshop fail.

Childs posted a photo advertising her clothing range – because apparently she’s a fashion mogul now too.

The snap – in which the ‘model’ gazed wistfully into the near distance, presumably at her disappearing career – was apparently so smoking it made the solid metal door frame she posed beside wilt under the heat.

In actual fact, a far cry away from the constructed reality of the photo, Childs had doctored the curves of her body and inadvertently managed to warp her surroundings.

Failing to notice her error, 26-year-old Childs posted the picture to Instagram where streams of eagle-eyed viewers criticised her for the alterations, and accused her of false advertising.

Luckily, it’s still on her Twitter feed, in amongst other photos of Amy in her own collection looking befuddled bamboozled and downright chilly, so do feel free to mosey on over and have a good giggle.

This is just the latest embarrassing photo, tacked onto the end of a very long list of Photoshopped images in the mainstream media teaching young girls that perfection can only be achieved by editing your figure.

Although no one in their right mind would wish their daughter to proclaim Amy Childs as her role model, I do wish public figures would stop perpetrating this false reality.