Bake Off Prue Leith Had Nightmares For Decades After A Bad Acid Trip

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After a ‘horrific’ acid trip, The Great British Bake Off’s Prue Leith was left with nightmares for decades. 

The South African-born restaurateur, known for Bake Off and her stint as a judge on BBC’s Great British Menu, opened up about her experiences with drugs in a recent interview.


The 80-year-old explained that she took LSD once in her twenties – however, the experience was so ‘appalling’ that it left her with night terrors for years after.

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In an LBC interview with Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson, Leith spoke of her time with her first husband, Rayne Kruger. ‘It was the sixties, there was a lot of drugs around. We used to smoke a bit of pot, not all the time and not a lot, but we did,’ she said.

She continued: 


And one day, we did take acid, only once, and I must tell you, it was the most appalling experience I’ve ever had. I had absolute horrific hallucinations. I couldn’t look at him because he turned into a kind of monster, and my arms, the flesh dripped off them. There was just bones left.

I’d have nightmares. And when I woke up, nothing would look like I knew it ought to look. It would be wobbly or strange or growing and sinking and shrinking and expanding.

Over the next four decades, Leith continued to battle those nightmares. ‘And right until my, I suppose, sixties, I would still sometimes wake up in the night and I felt I could see the air, you know? It was almost patterned, like little squares or pixels,’ she said.

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While understandably affected by the trip, Leith added that it ‘just shows what an extraordinary imagination I must have… anyway, that certainly taught me a lesson’.


Leith also recounted accidentally stumbling into an orgy in Paris, after her ‘banker friend’ took her to a party which was ‘a bit odd’ and then disappeared. With no money and no way to get away, plus people constantly asking her why she had her clothes on, she took action.

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She explained: ‘So I realised I would be less conspicuous if I took my clothes off, so I did. I tell you what, I did walk around, I’d pretend I was going to the loo and then I’d pretend I was going to the bar and I did this for an hour or two and then my friend reappeared and we went home.’

The Great British Bake Off’s current season airs on Tuesdays at 8pm on Channel 4.


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