Bam Margera’s Car Was Stolen And Crashed Into A House

by : Emily Brown on : 28 Jan 2021 09:44
Bam Margera's Car Was Stolen And Crashed Into A HousePA Images/Sideo TV

Crashing a car into a house seems like a bit of a Jackass-style stunt, which is fitting considering thieves used Bam Margera’s car to do so.

The skateboarder and stunt performer had stopped to charge his phone and fill his Bentley with petrol when it was stolen this week in Vista, California.


Margera has said he was inside the store when a group of people came up to him and asked to take a closer look at the car and to take pictures. One of the men asked if they could drive it, so Margera climbed into the passenger seat and allowed them to take a ‘quick spin around the block’.

Bam MargeraPA Images

According to NBC San Diego, Margera then requested that the driver return to the petrol station so he could pick up his phone, where he had left it charging. While he was in the store, he looked out of the window to see his flashy vehicle had disappeared.

At the same time, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department were responding to a call from a witness who saw several men climbing into a black Bentley.


The department told TMZ it received the call at around 1.30am on Wednesday, January 27, after which police cars and helicopters appeared to pursue the thieves. During the investigation, deputies discovered Margera had recently reported the Bentley as being stolen.


Recalling the situation to his friend, pro skateboarder Danny Way, Margera said:

I look out the window, and the f*cking car’s gone… Then suddenly eight cop cars show up, and three helicopters on a high speed chase. This guy’s driving like … a missile into a f*cking house.

The Bentley got driven into a house last night.


The deputy attempted to stop the men, but two fled on foot while the rest sped off in Margera’s Bentley towards a residential neighbourhood.

Police searching for the vehicle soon found it crashed into the side of the house, where the thieves had left it after careering over the front garden and fleeing the scene. Thankfully no one was in the home at the time.

Bam MargeraWikimedia

A police helicopter helped track down one of the men said to be involved with the carjacking, after which he was arrested for a parole violation and remains in jail.


As if his night hadn’t been chaotic enough, Margera also revealed that the woman in the petrol station had accidentally given the phone he was charging to someone else. Trying to express his dismay, he commented: ‘I can’t write this sh*t dude.’

Sources close to Margera told TMZ the car was not written off, but it has been taken to a dealer and needs to undergo some repairs.

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