Bandersnatch Actor Will Pouter Wants To Play Eminem In Biopic

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 10 Jul 2019 18:57
Bandersnatch Actor Will Pouter Wants To Play Eminem In BiopicGetty/Netflix

You might know his face from Bandersnatch, Detroit, The Revenant or Black Mirror, but British actor Will Poulter has got his eyes firmly on another role.

The actor and hip-hop fan appeared at Glastonbury Festival last weekend, where he revealed he’d love to play Eminem in a biopic film about his life.


When asked by the Independent if there were any musicians he would like to play, given the recent success of biopics, he was pretty clear.

Bandersnatch Actor Will Pouter Wants To Play Eminem In BiopicNetflix

The 26-year-old said:

I’m a big fan of hip hop so if there was ever another film about Eminem, that would be a dream role for me. But I don’t think it would be appropriate, so I’d settle for a supporting role.

Alex from Glastonbury’s probably already got the offer, though, so if he turns it down, I’ll be able to audition.


And Will probably isn’t far wrong considering #AlexFromGlasto, or Alex Mann as his friends know him, has reportedly been offered record deals since becoming an online sensation overnight.

On the off chance you have no idea what I’m talking about, Alex is the 15-year-old grime fan who shot to fame when Dave invited him on stage to rap Thiago Silva with him on the Other Stage at Glastonbury last weekend.

The teen, donning a Thiago Silva shirt and a bucket hat, rapped the song, which Dave shares with AJ Tracey, lyric-perfect, prompting some people to believe it might have been a fix.

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But, Alex and Dave both maintain the entire thing was a happy coincidence, and it seems to be working in Alex’s favour as he reveals he’s received offers of record deals.

Speaking to NME, he said:

I’ve had a few labels and a few producers message me, so it could be a thing. I’m looking to do one or two songs in the future, see how they go.

The grime fan was quickly booked to perform at a PA set in Newcastle, however he’s keen not to over-do it since his post-Glasto fame.


He said:

I’ve tried keeping stuff like that to a minimum. I’m just thinking what’s actually best at the moment, I’m trying to get in touch with some managers who can properly manage it all and make sure I’m doing the right thing.

Because I obviously want to increase in popularity, but then I don’t want to overdo it and it to get a bit washed out.

Fair play. Maybe in a few years Will could play Alex in his biopic.


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