Ben Shapiro Doesn’t Seem To Realise That Crime Is Already Banned

by : Emily Brown on : 19 Jun 2021 12:22
Ben Shapiro Doesn't Seem To Realise That Crime Is Already BannedPA Images

Social media users were quick to mock political commentator Ben Shapiro after he criticised New York City mayoral candidates for not vowing to ban ‘crime’. 

The Cambridge Dictionary defines crime as ‘illegal activities’ and ‘illegal acts’, though I think it’s safe to say most people don’t need the dictionary to tell them that ‘crime’ refers to things that are already against the law.


I say ‘most people’, because it seems conservative commentator Shapiro isn’t familiar with the meaning of the word crime – if he was, he probably wouldn’t have publicly called for it to be banned.

Ben Shapiro (PA Images)PA Images

His comment came following the final debate between Democratic New York City mayoral candidates on Thursday, June 17, after which New York Post reporter Sam Raskin shared a tweet listing the responses from each hopeful when asked what they would prohibit if they were elected to the position in November.

Responses from the candidates targeted a range of currently-legal things, including sugary drinks, corn syrup and junk food at school, but the suggestions didn’t seem good enough for Shapiro.


Sharing Raskin’s tweet, Shapiro wrote: ‘Notably, nobody said crime.’

Of course it’s common for politicians to discuss their plans for tackling crime, but they typically don’t need to worry about making the practice illegal because existing laws already have that covered.

Social media users quickly picked up on Shapiro’s blunder, with many sarcastically responding to his criticism.


One person wrote: ‘For once I agree with you, Ben. We need a candidate brave enough to say that crime should be illegal.’

Another commented: ‘Why didn’t we think of banning crime earlier? Excellent idea, Benjamin!’


Feeling the need to keep Shapiro in the loop, others responded to inform him that crime is, in fact, already banned, meaning it would have been entirely nonsensical and probably detrimental to their campaign if any of the mayoral candidates had suggested such a thing.

While Shapiro missed the mark on this one, I suppose it’s good to know he’s got big ideas.

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