Bhad Bhabie Says Dr. Phil Is ‘F*cking Nuts’ For Disputing Her Abuse Allegations

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 08 Apr 2021 13:23
Bhad Bhabie Says Dr. Phil Is 'F*cking Nuts' For Disputing Her Abuse AllegationsNewsNation Now/Bhad Bhabie/YouTube

Danielle Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie, has responded to Dr Phil after he said he has nothing to do with his show’s guests once they leave the stage.

The teenager featured on Dr Phil’s show when she was 13 and was ultimately sent to the Utah-based Turn-About Ranch in a bid to improve her behaviour.


Several years on, Bregoli spoke out last month about how she and others were treated during their time at the ranch that prides itself on ‘help[ing] troubled youth develop into effective individuals’.

In the video, named ‘Breaking Code Silence’, Bregoli alleged that she was put in a teepee and staff at the ranch refused to let her fall asleep and witnessed others being abused.

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In the wake of her allegations, Dr Phil responded during an interview with Ashleigh Banfield, in which he said he has nothing to the do with people who featured on the show once they’ve left the studio.


When asked about Bregoli’s claims, he said:

She went to Turn-About four or five years ago and if she had a bad experience, obviously I would hate that – we’d be sorry about that. But we don’t have anything to do with what happens with guests once they leave the stage. That’s between the guardian and the parent and whatever facility they go to.

We’re not involved in that. We don’t have any feedback from them; whatever happens once they’re there, that’s between them and the facility.

‘I assume if she had a problem [that] she filed a complaint with the proper authorities or something five years ago,’ Dr Phil concluded.


Bregoli has since clapped back at Dr Phil’s dismissal of the situation and said that since she released her video last month, ‘multiple kids’ have contacted her sharing their own stories of their experiences at Turn-About.

Addressing the fact that Ashleigh Banfield used the phrase ‘tough love’ while discussing the ranch and Bregoli’s allegations, the rapper said:

Tough love at a f*cking ranch? To me tough love is telling your kid ‘no’ when they want something because you know it’s better for them, even if they really want it. […] Malnourishing, humiliating, screaming at, sleep depriving – that’s not f*cking tough love.

While responding to the fact Dr Phil said he and his teams ‘aren’t involved’ in what happens to the guests once they’ve exited the show, Bregoli said, ‘Are you f*cking nuts? I’m really trying to keep my composure but these two [Banfield and Dr Phil] really aren’t making it easy.’


‘My mother signed a consent of release of information to send progress reports directly from Turn-About to the Dr Phil show,’ she continued to explain. ‘So when you say you don’t have any feedback from them, that is not true.’

You can watch Bregoli’s full response video here.

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Bhad Bhabie/YouTube
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