Billie Eilish Has Perfect Response To Criticism Over ‘Shedding Layers’ Of Clothes Onstage

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 09 Apr 2020 19:01
Billie Eilish Has Perfect Response To Criticism Over 'Shedding Layers' Of Clothes OnstagePA/ILOMIL0S/Twitter

If we didn’t love Billie Eilish enough already, her response to people criticising her for undressing on stage has made us love her even more.

The 18-year-old pop sensation is known for wearing baggy clothes so people can’t judge the way she looks, but as a way of hitting back at her critics, she added some visuals of her undressing on the first night of her now-postponed tour.


Following a fan sharing the clip of the interlude on social media, you’ll be unsurprised to know Billie was subject to even more criticism, which she basically doesn’t give two sh*ts about (in the best way possible).

Billie Eilish Confronts Body Shamers By 'Shedding Layers' Of Clothes On StagePA Images

Discussing it in an interview with Dazed, she said:

If I wore a dress to something, I would be hated for it. People would be like, ‘You’ve changed, how dare you do what you’ve always rebelled against?’ I’m like, ‘I’m not rebelling against anything, really.’ I can’t stress it enough. I’m just wearing what I wanna wear.

If there’s a day when I’m like, ‘You know what, I feel comfortable with my belly right now, and I wanna show my belly,’ I should be allowed to do that.


If she was holding a mic at that point, she should have dropped it.

This isn’t the first time Billie has spoken out against her critics – a picture of the teenager wearing a tank top in 34°C heat went viral last year. I mean, god forbid someone not wearing several layers of clothes in warm weather.

The 18-year-old said the ordeal left her feeling like she ‘can’t win’ with people, which is completely understandable.

Billie EilishNiamh Shackleton

Speaking to Elle magazine last year, Billie explained how a male friend of hers even told her to cover up when wearing a tank top.

She said:

I was recently FaceTiming a close friend of mine who’s a dude, and I was wearing a tank top. He was like, ‘Ugh, put a shirt on!’

And I said, ‘I have a shirt on.’ Someone with smaller boobs could wear a tank top, and I could put on that exact tank top and get slut-shamed because my boobs are big. That is stupid. It’s the same shirt!

Billie isn’t wrong. Just because people have bigger boobs, doesn’t mean they want the attention – it’s literally something people have no control over.

Billie EilishPA Images

The Everything I Wanted singer even opened up about no longer reading her Instagram comments because they were ‘ruining her life’.

Billie’s previously said how ‘the cooler the things you get to do are, the more people hate you’ and dubbed some of the comments she gets as ‘crazy’.

For me, the only ‘crazy’ thing people should be bothered about in regards to the singer is the fact she’s made Grammy awards history by the age of 18 – and will probably continue to make history throughout her career.


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