Billie Eilish Says It’s Perfectly Fine To Chill The F*ck Out During Isolation

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 08 Apr 2020 07:55
Billie Eilish Says It's Perfectly Fine To Chill The F*ck Out During IsolationPA Images

Thanks to social media, it can be easy to think everyone is using their self-isolation time to become experts in yoga or baking, but for most of us, just getting out of bed and brushing our teeth is a pretty big accomplishment right now.

In fact, some of the most high profile names around at the moment are using it as the perfect excuse to chill out – and if they don’t feel bad about it, then why the hell should we?


One of said names just happens to be the pop queen of the moment, Billie Eilish, who said she’s quite content spending quarantine alone, chilling out.

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While most 18-year-olds seem to be spending their time FaceTiming, Zooming and, God forbid, TikToking their way through the pandemic, Billie has been enjoying spending some quality time with number one.

Speaking on the new Telekom Electronic Beats podcast, Billie revealed she hadn’t felt under pressure to keep in touch with people, adding that she’s ‘been really enjoying being alone’.


‘I’ve been really enjoying being alone. I feel like everybody on the internet has been on FaceTime all day long with their friends,’ she said. ‘I love my friends, I can’t wait to see them, I do miss them a lot, but at the same time I’m good.’

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Billie added:

I’m good being alone, like I like being alone. I haven’t had this time off since like I was like 12, so yeah, it’s crazy.


While the Bond theme-singer is more than happy spending time on her own, she predicts that not being able to socialise will make people appreciate it more, once restrictions are lifted again.

‘As soon as we can see people again and go out, we’re going to be so happy and grateful,’ she said. ‘And in about three days, we’re all going to take it for granted again.


‘Because that’s the way people work, you know, it’s the way humans are made. You miss something so bad once you don’t have it. You never think about it when you have it.’

Billie Eilish/Instagram

Later this month, Billie is set to do her bit by performing at a live-streamed concert, organised by Lady Gaga, in a bid to raise funds of the UN Foundation’s response fund for people affected by the pandemic.

Basically, if Billie is enjoying chilling the f*ck out by herself during isolation, there’s absolutely no reason you should feel bad for doing the same.


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