Bo Burnham Puts Heckler In Her Place In Iconic Rant

by : Emily Brown on : 09 Sep 2021 15:52
Bo Burnham Puts Heckler In Her Place In Iconic Rant@laminatedpiratemap/TikTok/PA Images

Comedian Bo Burnham is well known for putting hecklers in their place during his live shows, but one particular rant has gained attention once again after being shared by a fan on TikTok.

Some comedians enjoy getting their audience involved in their performance, with stand-ups known to mock their fans or make jokes out of comments that are shouted to them on stage.


However, if you happen to be one of the people who likes to make themselves heard while in the audience of a performance, I would not advise you go to see Burnham. Unless, that is, you enjoy being put in your place.

A quick search of YouTube quickly turns up lengthy compilations of the comedian’s responses to hecklers, making clear that the 31-year-old does not enjoy being interrupted during his delivery of jokes and comedic songs.

If you’re as yet unfamiliar with his rants, though, a TikToker who goes by the handle @laminatedpiratemap brought one particularly good one back into the spotlight by sharing it on their page, after which it received even more attention with a repost on the Reddit thread ‘r/Unexpected’.


The clip shows Burnham sitting in front of his keyboard, adjusting his microphone and telling the audience that he’d been ‘working on this song’ before pausing to further adjust his setup. During the silence, one audience member felt the need to respond: ‘Really?’

Check out the video below:

@laminatedpiratemapwill I ever stop posting clips of bo destroying hecklers? probably not &lt3

♬ yeah really cindy – !


Burnham wasted no time in responding to the heckler – though ‘tearing to shreds’ might be a more appropriate description.

Dubbing her ‘Cindy’, the comedian said: ‘Yeah really Cindy, shut the F*CK up! You’re so annoying. No one likes you.’

Burnham’s response received a laugh from the audience, but the comedian did not appear to be joking around as he went on to claim the heckler was ‘the reason America [was] falling apart’.

Grouping the audience member with ‘f*cking arrogant b*tches’, Burnham then began to imitate ‘Cindy’, saying: ‘Honey, honey, honey, you know what I’m gonna do tonight? I’m gonna go heckle an 18-year-old kid that’s following his f*cking dreams.’

Bo Burnham (PA Images)PA Images

Reverting back to himself, Burnham added: ‘You can’t go through life like this, it’s not fair… This is my f*cking show. Shut the f*ck up.’

Though the rant may seem extreme, it’s nothing out of the ordinary for Burnham, who has become a master at moving between ‘irritated performer’ and ‘jovial comedian’ over the years.

His latest performance, a Netflix special titled Inside, sees the 31-year-old film himself at home throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and while it appears that he went through some tough times, at least he didn’t have to deal with anyone interrupting him.


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  1. @laminatedpiratemap/TikTok

    will I ever stop posting clips of bo destroying hecklers? probably not <3