Borat Comes Out As Real Donald Trump After Stripping On TikTok

by : Emily Brown on : 10 Oct 2020 14:18
Borat Comes Out As Real Donald Trump After Stripping On TikTokBorat Comes Out As Real Donald Trump After Stripping On TikTokBoratSagdiyev/Twitter

Kazakhstani TV reporter Borat is having a field day after joining social media. Already, he’s stripped on ‘DikTok’ and revealed himself to be the real Donald Trump. 

Sacha Baron Cohen’s iconic character joined Twitter last month but stayed quiet on the account until this week, when he burst onto the scene with a video of himself stripping.


Declaring himself as the ‘first Kazakh ever on DikTok’, Borat filmed himself flicking a shoe in the air and catching it on his foot with a cut of the camera that also saw him go from wearing a suit to wearing nothing but his underwear, shoes and socks.

Check it out below:

Following his initial post, Cohen went on to mock president Donald Trump while in character as Borat, drawing on some of Trump’s previous claims about coronavirus and joking about the fact he left hospital so soon after his diagnosis.


One tweet read:

Trump so strong he did not even need to drink bleach to stay alive!

Another said:


Trump would have leave hospital sooner, but he nice and did not want to hurt covid’s feelings

Borat took a Trump-like approach to Twitter as he posted a flurry of tweets in a short period of time, all of them referencing Trump.

The character put a satirical spin on Trump’s decision to drive past supporters while he was still being treated for coronavirus, writing: ‘Trump correct, there were many thousands of people cheering outside hospital when they knew he was dying inside’.


He also drew attention to the fact that more than 200,000 Americans have died of coronavirus under Trump’s leadership, while the president himself said he felt ‘better than [he] did 20 years ago’ after his diagnosis.

Borat wrote:


Premiere Trump true leader – he have prove himself stronger than more than 200,000 of his American subjects!

As well as ripping into the president, Borat also shared a fake magazine cover which revealed he’s actually been Trump all along. In a play on TIME Magazine’s iconic cover, Borat’s cover was titled ‘IT ME’.

The image showed the character pulling off a mask of Trump’s face, while the caption read:

Premiere Trump Thank you for giving me fantastic head for the last four years.

The flurry of tweets comes after Cohen released a TIME article in which he expressed his concerns about the ‘survival of democracy’.

In the article, he called out Trump for ‘averag[ing] 23 lies a day’ and being ‘the world’s greatest superspreader of coronavirus conspiracies’.

He added:

For his supporters, Trump is the authority figure whose cues they will follow. With his history of inciting violence and emboldening militias and white-supremacist groups and dozens of cases where his supporters have attacked innocent people in his name, we’d have to be the real fools not to see the perils ahead.

Cohen is expected to further scrutinise Trump in his upcoming Borat sequel, which is set to arrive on Amazon Prime on October 23.

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