BREAKING: Leonardo DiCaprio Has A New Tall Blonde Supermodel Girlfriend

by : Tom Percival on : 13 Jan 2017 12:09

In a surprising move Leonardo DiCaprio has gone and gotten a new girlfriend who looks exactly like every woman he’s ever dated. 


According to gossip enthusiasts Page Six the Oscar winner was caught cozying up to lingerie model Paige Watkins back in December, despite the fact he’s supposed to be dating  Nina Agdal.

Maybe he confused the two, as they basically look exactly the same?

DiCaprio was allegedly spotted in LA, while out with his Wolf Pack, with a group of models where a snooper saw Leo and Watkins taking a number of smoke breaks together outside.


Later, the group headed to the nightclub 1Oak, where a witness spotted the pair allegedly getting intimate.

He said:

They looked pretty close, she was sitting on his lap, and they appeared to be kissing.

Despite the rumours both Watkins and DiCaprio’s reps have denied the romance.

A spokesperson for Watkins’ has said there’s no confirmation they are a couple nor were they holding hands, before adding ‘They are definitely not a couple’.

Meanwhile a rep for DiCaprio said: “This story is totally false and completely made up by people claiming to be sources.”


Again I’m convinced he just mixed the two up…

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