Cardi B Apologises For Boasting About Hosting 37 People Over Thanksgiving

by : Emily Brown on : 30 Nov 2020 13:10
Cardi B Apologises For Boasting About Hosting 37 People Over Thanksgivingiamcardib/Instagram/offsetyrn/Instagram

Cardi B has apologised following backlash about her large Thanksgiving which included 25 adults and 12 children. 

The rapper, who lives in Atlanta with her husband Offset and their daughter Kulture, was among millions of Americans celebrating the holiday last Thursday, November 26.


Thanksgiving is typically celebrated with family, but following the coronavirus outbreak the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advised people to avoid large gatherings, and instead enjoy the holiday only with those in the same household.

Cardi B and Offset appeared to ignore this advice, as evident below:


Offset shared the video online showing a large gathering of people dancing together in the couple’s Atlanta home. There is no evidence of social distancing and none of the group are wearing masks, defying even more of the CDC’s recommendations.


Cardi added fuel to the fire by writing about the gathering on Twitter, writing:

12kids and 25 adults over the holidays. It was lit !!

Coronavirus can be spread from person to person through droplets, and while some experience very mild symptoms, for others it can be fatal. It can take days for symptoms to emerge, and sometimes they are hard to identify, meaning people carrying the virus can go undiagnosed and spread it to those they come in to contact with.


Having large gatherings can increase the risk of spreading the virus among those involved and those who have contact with attendees afterwards.

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As a result of these risks, Cardi was met with backlash after seemingly showing off about her Thanksgiving. One Twitter user responded to say it ‘doesn’t sound like something to be proud of’, while others slammed the rapper’s actions as ‘irresponsible’, ‘ignorant’ and ‘stupid’.


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A number of Cardi’s fans stuck up for her, arguing the rapper had been diligent with wearing a mask and encouraging others to stay safe. Cardi later issued an apology for having angered people, explaining she’d made sure everyone at the gathering had been tested before attending.

She wrote:

Sorry my bad wasn’t trying to make nobody feel bad.I just had my family in my home for the first time and it felt so good & uplifted me .I spent soo much money getting every1 tested but it felt worth it.I wasnt trying to offend no1 [sic].


Cardi later added that she and everyone who ‘works around’ her get tested ‘literally 4 times a week’, saying: ‘Im [sic] In the middle of work and Everytime we clock in we MUST GET TESTED !’

Coronavirus cases continue to rise in the US, with more than 13 million confirmed cases reported since the outbreak began.

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