Cardi B Says Police Brutality In US Won’t End Until Trump Is Out Of Office

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 29 Jul 2019 14:26
Cardi B Says Police Brutality In US Won't End Until Trump Is Out Of OfficeCardi B Says Police Brutality In US Won't End Until Trump Is Out Of OfficePA Images

Cardi B has called out President Donald Trump in a furious Instagram rant, insisting police brutality won’t end until he’s out of office.


The rapper took to the picture sharing platform to explain her views on police violence during a live video, telling her followers ‘every single time I see a black man get killed on the street by police, I keep saying “What the fuck, does nobody give a fuck? Nobody cares, nobody cares.”

‘And it’s just like, I stopped saying that because nobody do care. Nobody cares. He don’t care.’

Cardi went on to explain she appreciated when former President Barack Obama would speak publicly about the police brutality happening on the streets during his time in office.


She told her followers:

At least when Obama was president, Obama always used to give a statement that he feels that it’s wrong. He feels it, he sees it. This guy, I know he sees it and he don’t give not one sh*t. So I feel like police brutality is going to keep going [as long as] he’s President.

When you keep asking yourself that question, just know that [as long as] he’s president, there’s nothing that’s going to be done for police brutality. And it just keeps on going.

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Speaking about her views on the mentality of the police, Cardi continued:

You know when a kid is bad, right, and they keep getting away with something so they keep on doing it. Cops are going to keep doing it, ‘Oh, I could get away with killing a black man? I could get away with beating the shit out of them? We’re going to keep doing it. The last guy got away with it, so why not me?’

Cardi ended her rant by urging people to research candidates before using their votes in the upcoming election:

So, [as long as] this man is the president and he most likely will have a chance in 2020, shit like that’s going to keep on happening. So please, get educated about these candidates so we can get this dick the fuck out. Because he don’t give a shit and shit could get worse.

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