Classmates Of Celebs Go Savage As They Reveal What They Were Like At School


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Ever wondered what some of Hollywood’s finest were like when they were in High School? 

Well some of these lucky human beings claim to have not only met the stars, but studied with them too, according to the Mirror.

Reddit users shared some of their intriguing stories online and you might change your mind about some of the celebs you admire once you’ve read this…

Apparently, one of the thread users slammed Nickelodeon actress-come-popstar, Ariana Grande, for being a ‘bitch’ and that she only hung out with ‘snobby entitled rich girls.’ Ouch….

This wasn’t the only person to claim they knew the singer though, with another adding that she was ‘obnoxious.’

They also said:

In one of my yearbooks, though, she has a page in the back, which I guess is kinda cool.

Another member said that their mum knew Patrick Swayze before he died and said that he had an ‘ego’ on him, but she was ‘really torn up’ when he passed away.

They said:

I guess he knew he was good [at dancing] and was always a flirt and could be obnoxious. But [he] wasn’t necessarily a bad person if you asked her.

Sandra Bullock made an appearance in the group, as someone revealed that they knew someone who had gone to school with her.

They wrote:

Apparently she was a told b***h.

Treated everyone as if they were second class citizens not worthy to lick her shoe.


Model and actress, Emily Ratajkowski was also mentioned, with someone claiming that they shared a bunk-bed with the Gone Girl star.

They said:

We shared a bunk bed and dorm room. She was nice, a great artist, kind of valley girl-ish, but pretty down to earth actually, very pretty girl.

She actually had kind of a tough time making friends within the program, like she wasn’t interested in doing so.

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Another claimed that they were an old classmate of superstar Nicole Kidman, who actually seemed quite nice despite her famous status.

They wrote:

She was not in my group but there was a lot of cross over. She was really smart and was semi-famous even before she left school but was ordinary in many ways. It’s great she has found international success.


If these Reddit users are to be believed then that’s just shattered my hopes about Sandra Bullock and Ariana.

Great to know that Nicole and Emily are lovely though!