Charlie Sheen Fires Shots At Rihanna In Interview


Charlie Sheen only has one gear and it’s ‘go’, as in ‘having a go’ at his long-term enemy Rihanna .

The infamous actor let loose at the pop icon calling her a ‘bitch’ while appearing on the TV programme Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, The Daily Star reports.

Of course a few of you no doubt remember that Sheen and Ri-Ri have had beef before, ever since the singer reportedly refused to meet Charlie’s former fiancée Scottine Ross, who was apparently a huge fan.


It was thought the pair had kissed and made up but when the host Andy Cohen asked if that was true Sheen replied: ‘Oh, that bitch’.

We’ll take that as a no…

When Andy tried to defuse the situation though, Sheen dug his heels in claiming that ‘she [Rihanna ] abandoned common courtesy and common sense’.


Sheen then went on to attack the actresses Jenny McCarthy, Selma Blair and Lindsay Lohan.

Speaking of Jenny and Selma, he said:

I would like to kind of mash those two up together and just kick them to the curb – they deserve each other.

Meanwhile he said his Scary Movie co-star, Lindsay, was ‘work’ but also ‘fun to look at’.

Oh Charlie Sheen, when will you learn…