Charlotte Crosby Slammed For ‘Ruining Herself’ With Inflated Lips

charlotte crosbyInstagram

Charlotte Crosby’s lips may now officially be bigger than her actual brain.

The reality TV ‘star’ recently posted an early morning picture to Instagram – the best way to start the day, apparently – in which her lips looked painfully inflated.

charlotte crosby instaInstagram

The photo, which has since been deleted, caused fans and haters alike to comment on the photo urging Charlotte to stop pumping her lips with fillers, with one commentator saying: “You’re ruining yourself and you’re starting to look absolutely ridiculous!”

Other people – albeit those in the minority – seem to like Charlotte’s fuller lips.

One girl on Instagram shunned the hate as jealousy, writing: “Charlotte suits them, negativity gets you nowhere guys.”

Since those golden Geordie Shore days, it looks as though Charlotte has followed the trend for fuller lips, succumbing to the pressure on women in the public eye to pump their faces full of chemicals.

Charlotte Crosby geordie ShoreGetty

Between endorsing lip filling salons and morphing into every girl from TOWIE, somewhere along the way Charlotte seems to have taken things a bit too far and her natural lips are now totally unrecognisable.

But really, where do we all get off judging anyone for their appearance?

Instead, surely, we should be more interested in what Charlotte’s opinions are, her politics, her dreams, hobbies and aspirations, and what she has to say… Oh, wait.

Perhaps the problem here is that so many 21st century self-constructed ‘celebrities’ have so little to say, that we spectators are left with nothing left to do but resort to their shallow vanity.