Chris Evans Calls Out Fan’s Number Neighbour Texts Involving Him As Fake

by : Julia Banim on : 10 Aug 2019 18:08
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As a nihilistic purple Titan once said, ‘reality is often disappointing’. And so, if you see somebody flashing around their famous number neighbour on Facebook, it’s best to not get too excited for them before you establish the facts.

Of course, there will be mere mortals among us who are number neighboured with Marvel royalty. But it’s far more likely we’ll end up paired with a grouchy so-and-so who won’t take too kindly to being messaged out of the blue by a complete stranger.


If you are thinking of sprinkling a little celebrity stardust on your number neighbour story, then it’s probably best not to spin a honking great fib on Twitter. You will get called out, and the celeb themselves may well give you a stern dressing down…

Chris Evans Number Neighbour TwitterJulia Banim

A few sceptical eyebrows were raised when a young woman on Twitter opened up about her number neighbour exchange with Captain America himself, Hollywood superstar Chris Evans.

Now, one would think one of the biggest names in the movie business would be a little apprehensive about texting with an unknown person based on a random lottery of phone digits.


You might even think he would be too busy signing his name to upcoming blockbusters or swanning about at swanky Hollywood wrap parties.

However, according to this modern day fairytale, Chris was all too happy to have a chinwag, even making time for a FaceTime catch-up with his number neighbour.

Hardened users were cynical to say the least when faced with this likely story, with one person noting the FaceTime screenshot of Chris had clearly been pulled from Google.


One person sighed:

I can’t believe people do this for clout.

Another grumbled:

People really do anything for internet points huh


Then Chris Evans entered the fray, shooting down any possibilities that there was even a speck of truth in the surprising text exchange.

In a knockdown Twitter Queen Chrissy Teigen has described as ‘brutal’, Chris put the rumour firmly to bed with two short, sharp words:

Fake. Sorry.


Luckily the young woman doesn’t seem too put out by having Chris’s takedown, which surely felt about as cold as being frozen in ice for 70 years.

She gamely retweeted Chris’s response, as well as a tweet which read, ‘how do people not realise these number neighbour tweets are jokes…’; suggesting this is more a bit of fun than a genuine attempt to deceive.

No doubt Chris Evans’ true number neighbour is still out there somewhere, blissfully unaware of the superpower potential held within their digits…

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