Conor McGregor Finally Responds To Those Rita Ora Rumours


The most notorious MMA fighter in history, Conor McGregor, recently made headlines out of the ring after a bunch of gullible gossips accused him of cheating on his long-term girlfriend.

From behind the safety of their phone screens, a lot of people criticised the man who went 10 rounds with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, all because he was placed one seat away from a woman who isn’t his girlfriend (Rita Ora, in case you missed it) at the British Fashion Awards.

Even though he shouldn’t have to respond to such ridiculous rumours, Conor McGregor isn’t afraid to speak out in his own defence.

Any mames ?

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The 29-year-old was at London’s Cirque Le Soir last night and managed to find a microphone, as he is regularly want to do.

McGregor proceeded to comment on the so-called scandal in the most tongue-in-cheek, Conor McGregor way with which he has become synonymous.

Challenging the accusations, McGregor yelled to the crowds, ‘Shout out to Rita Ora’:

When the 27-year-old singer-songwriter showed up on the red carpet on Monday night, Ora bumped into McGregor, and like any good social celebrity butterfly, shared the encounter to her Instagram Stories.

In fact, the pair of big personalities were seated at the same table, alongside model Jourdan Dunn, leading Rita to caption one video ‘date night’.


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God forbid a celebrity female, who happens to be dating musician Andrew Watt, sit on the same table as a loved up athlete with a kid.

Ora’s actions, which were presumably written into her contract as part of performing the British Fashion Awards, apparently warrant the subsequent tirade of sexist abuse on Twitter.

The singer has even been branded that most archaic of insults: a ‘homewrecker’:

@DricoMonster wondered whether Conor realised what he was doing at the British Fashion Awards last night.

Short answer: Making a lot of money by being seen in the limelight since taking a break from MMA fighting and developing his ‘wealth belly‘ after going 10 rounds in the boxing ring with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather earlier this summer, presumably.


Others, who mustn’t know too much about modern socialising in a free country, were bemused by the fact a man and a woman could attend a dinner party without actually dating each other.

They have assumed the opposite, churning up the dregs of the unverified rumour mill:

Others resorted to nonsensical insults, as below:

Ora went on to perform George Michael’s Freedom at the Royal Albert Hall, where the fancy shindig was held, wearing a Versace designed printed catsuit.

Conor also shared his excitement to be wearing Versace clobber on social media, alongside Ora and Lewis Hamilton.

We ran that show tonight. #DonDonatella #Versace

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Ora and McGregor continued partying until the early hours at the after party, sharing a story with her Instagram followers, tagging McGregor, claiming the two were the last ones standing.

Considering his antics after the Mayweather fight – and that Liverpool bender – this isn’t hard to imagine.

Given Conor’s known devotion to his girlfriend, Dee Devlin, who he has been with since 2008, I think we can all agree the nay-saying observers have fallen from the ‘celebrity gossip hysteria’ tree and hit quite a few branches on the way down.

Rita Ora/Instagram

Conor and Dee, the 30-year-old Irishwoman who has been with Conor since before he stepped into an MMA ring, recently welcomed a bouncing baby boy, aptly named Conor Jack McGregor Junior.

To imply infidelity based on two Instagram Stories is an insult to their close knit family, who are currently more concerned with showing baby Conor a good time for his first Christmas.

Rita has particularly been on the receiving end of the abuse, all because some crass unverified rumour went around the world wide web claiming she was ‘Becky with the good hair’ who was party to Jay-Z’s infidelity.

She had since denied the rumours and shared her utmost respect for Beyonce on social media, and we should all stop believing everything we see online.

Frankly, neither party should have to dignify the masses’ outrage with a response, what with it being totally unfounded and hateful, and all.

Let’s leave them both be now, shall we?