Courteney Cox Savages Sara Foster After She Dresses Up As Monica For Halloween

by : Emily Brown on : 03 Nov 2019 16:13
Courteney Cox Savages Sara Foster After She Dresses Up As Monica For HalloweenPA Images

Courteney Cox gave a brutal review of Sara Foster’s Halloween costume after she and her kids dressed up as the cast of Friends

The beloved sitcom celebrated its 25th anniversary this year and so there’s been a lot of Friends-related memorabilia and events doing the rounds in recent weeks. Jennifer Aniston broke the internet by joining Instagram, Cox shared a great throwback photo and even Google got involved in the fun.


As such, it makes sense Friends characters were a big inspiration for Halloween this year. With six main characters to choose from, as well as a whole host of supporting cast members, there was any number of outfits people could have donned to portray themselves as members of the show.

Jennifer Aniston Was Told She Was 'Too Chubby' To Be A StarWarner Bros.

You could have gone for a classic 90s Rachel look, opted for Ross dressed as ‘doodie’, Joey with a turkey on his head or one of Chandler’s classic sweater vests, and I’m sure people would have got the reference. Really, you could have nailed the look with very little effort.

In spite of this fact, however, Foster appeared to have some trouble when it came to dressing up as Monica. At least, Cox certainly thought so, and if anyone’s allowed to give their opinions on how Monica should look, it’s the actress who brought her to life.


The 90210 star shared a picture of herself and her two kids on Halloween, showing Foster standing with a cup of coffee and wearing a cardboard box with ‘Central Perk’ written on it, while her two children are posing with a cardboard-version of the classic Central Perk sofa.

Though the props made it pretty clear who the family were meant to be, Foster emphasised it in the caption as she mimicked the format of Friends episode titles, writing: ‘The one where the mom forces the kids to dress up as the cast of friends with her for Halloween’.

As Rachel, Phoebe and Monica all had different hair colours in Friends, it’s pretty easy to tell which character each family member is meant to be. One of Foster’s daughters is pictured with a blonde wig and a guitar, making it clear she’s dressed as Phoebe, while her other daughter’s brown wig suggests she is Rachel.


Therefore, Foster must be dressed as Monica, but Cox refused to believe that.

Monica FriendsWarner Bros.

The star responded to the post with her savage opinion of the costume, writing:

Rachel and Phoebe. You…Who the hell are you?


Foster was quick to defend herself, responding:

I’m MONICA !!! You clearly have never seen FRIENDS.

Sara Foster responds to Courteney Cox on InstagramSara Foster/Instagram

After spending 10 years of her life creating the iconic show, Cox wasn’t about to let anyone tell her she’d never seen it.


She hit back with a killer, blunt response, writing:

Clearly neither have you.

*Mic drop*

To be fair to Cox, there wasn’t a single episode of Friends where Monica was seen wearing a cardboard box reading ‘Central Perk’, so technically the outfit was inaccurate in that respect. Plus I’m not sure we ever saw the chef with hair quite like the wig Foster was sporting.

Sara Foster dressed as Monica GellerSara Foster/Instagram

However, the effort Foster went to can’t be ignored as she says she created the sofa, guitar and Central Perk sign herself out of cardboard boxes. Cox might have dressed up as Monica for years on end, but I bet she had nothing to do with the construction of the infamous Central Perk sofa, so she can’t slam everything about the picture.

Even though Cox didn’t really approve of Foster’s take on her character, at least the two children had their outfits validated by a real life Friends star. That’s certainly something to brag about in school!


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