Dan Bilzerian Says He’ll Give Up Sex, Drugs And Drinking If Elected President

by : Emily Brown on : 16 Nov 2019 14:43
Dan Bilzerian Says He'll Give Up Sex, Drugs And Drinking If Elected PresidentPA Images

Poker player and Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian has said he’ll give up sex, drugs and drinking if he’s elected president. 

The 38-year-old announced his intentions to run the country last week, just days after Kanye West revealed he’d also be entering the race for the 2024 election.


Bilzerian appeared quite nonchalant when speaking about the possibility of becoming President of the United States as he affirmed his announcement with a blasé ‘why not?’, however he has since made clear he’s serious.

Check out his announcement here:

Bilzerian, who will run as a Republican, vowed to change his ways if he successfully makes it into power as he told TMZ he will abstain from sex, drugs and alcohol for the entirety of his time in office.


The promise is certainly a good one to begin his campaign with as the goals are, in theory, pretty attainable when compared to things like saving the planet and abolishing poverty. Though, the renowned playboy might find abstinence a bit more of a struggle than some of the other candidates would.

Bilzerian explained he’d be quitting what I can only assume are some of his favourite pastimes in order to focus on the task at hand, which is a pretty necessary thing to do when you’re literally the most powerful person in the world.

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His promise is also intended to prove to voters he means business. It sounds like Bilzerian might have quite an easy time on the campaign trail if all he has to do to win over fans is stay sober and single.


Thankfully the 38-year-old does also have a few more presidential ideas in mind as he plans to build his campaign on the idea there’s ‘too much corruption and too many laws’.

The gambler, who believes the world needs his help, also said saving the environment should be a top priority. Bilzerian might be in the same party as Donald Trump, but at least he’s got some common sense when it comes to the state of our planet.

Though Bilzerian is a Republican, he does have some traditionally liberal views. While he’s very pro-gun, he’s also pro-choice and pro-gay rights, though he reportedly doesn’t agree with hormone treatments or sex changes for people under 18.

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It’s clear the playboy has serious intentions to become a presidential candidate but he’s admitted he may need some time to commit to the role. If he’s not prepared for the 2024 election, he’ll throw his hat in to the ring for 2028.

Bilzerian plans to use half of his $150 million net worth on his campaign, while the other half will go towards philanthropy.

With his promises to change set in place, Bilzerian thinks he has a pretty good chance of winning.


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