David Beckham Causes Controversy With What He Was Caught Doing With Daughter Harper

by : Tim Horner on : 31 Dec 2017 15:10
Victoria Beckham/Instagram

David Beckham has sparked a parenting debate online after Victoria posted a video to Instagram, showing their six-year-old daughter on daddy’s lap, while behind the wheel of a golf cart.

The short black and white filtered clip shows the happy father and daughter driving the buggy, both clearly enjoying the moment as Harper smiles and David kisses his youngest on the head.


Yet the commenters have come out in force in both sides of shock and support – anyone would think he’d tapped Diego Simeone on the back of the leg a la France ’98.

Someone loves her daddy! #drivingmissharper kisses x @davidbeckham

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User jlunn62 called it with the comment:

Love it! Someone will jump on the band wagon and say it’s dangerous watch this space!


Then powderpinkeos chimed in with the outrage, commenting:

Take that down before social services come to take your child for negligence and endangerment in US.

Honestly can’t tell if there’s sarcasm in that one or vitriol? Our Dave is a bit of a dividing character like that I guess?

lornabrowett brought a voice of reason to the comments, saying:


What’s wrong with some people, this is a lovely Dad and Daughter moment. She is with her Dad who would never let any harm come to her. Lighten up I for one love how the family let us share their spacial moments.

Victoria Beckham/Instagram

Kitty4983 added a little cynicism to the mix adding:

I think you knew this video would be controversial!


andy.2409 asked:

Does she have licence to drive that??

The Beckhams are yet to comment.

Kiss for Daddy ❤️

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It’s not even been seven months since David Beckham last caused fury online, again, for his approach to parenting.

The former footballing legend posted a pic to Instagram in June of himself and daughter Harper on holiday in Tanzania, sharing an affectionate moment between family members.

Becks captioned the image, ‘Kiss for Daddy’ with an adorable little love heart emoji.

The father-of-four is seen kissing a then five-year-old Harper on the lips and some people weren’ happy about it.

Feeling a totally irrational and unwarranted need to weigh in on this display of familial love, one user wrote; ‘David, to kiss lips of your daughter that’s wrong’, while another said; ‘To be honest kissing your daughter on the lips is a little weird.’

One Instagram commentator even wrote:

Pervert in a closet

Victoria Beckham also came under fire when she dared kiss Harper on her birthday in July of last year.

There are plenty of reasons I don’t want kids, but overzealous internet commenters must be pretty far at the back of my list.

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