David Beckham Is Flirting With Ryan Reynolds On Instagram


Blake Lively, step aside. Ryan Reynolds has found someone else to adore him over social media – and he goes by the name of David Beckham. 

In what is potentially the most handsome crossover of all time, David has been flirting with Ryan on Instagram.

The football legend and Deadpool star have made their friendship known in the past, but recently it looks like David is trying to work his way out of the friend zone.

David appeared in one of Ryan’s promotional Deadpool 2 videos, where the the superhero begged for David’s forgiveness for name dropping him in the first Deadpool and saying his voice sounded like he did something very inappropriate to a can of helium.

Check it out here:

Ryan posted the video on Instagram, explaining:

Little known fact: Canadians are born with a black belt in apology. #deadpool2 @davidbeckham

After the retired footballer gave in to Ryan’s excessive apologies, which included a mariachi band, milk and cookies, and football tickets, their friendship flourished.

Ryan shared a picture of the two on his Instagram back in May, writing:

This legend is truly one of the greats. Thank you @davidbeckham for coming out to play. #deadpool2

In a more recent development, David turned up the heat on their relationship. Ryan shared a picture on Instagram yesterday (September 19) from a car on the set of his new Michael Bay movie in Italy.

He wrote:

Roberto and I are boiling alive. At this point, it’s not even a car. It’s a giant coat made of leather, glass and armpits. #6Underground 🇮🇹

As usual, many adoring fans filled the comments section, but their calls for attention were challenged by David, who was unable to hide his feelings for the overheating Hollywood star.

He wrote:

God you are handsome.

Fans loved his response, and immediately started encouraging the pair to take their relationship to the next step.

One encouraging commenter wrote:


While another started to plan their future dates, writing:

@davidbeckham @vancityreynolds you two should get together and build LEGO for your kids.

Ryan retonolds at South by South westGetty

Some of Ryan’s followers were less impressed with the competition however, and tried to stop David in his tracks.

One argued:

You’re married, Beckham.

While another warned him he had to fight for Ryan’s love:

Get in line @davidbeckham.


Ryan hasn’t yet gone public with any feelings for David, but I’m sure he’ll be cooking up a witty response as we speak.

Watch out, Blake. David is after your man!

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