David Bowie Stayed Humble Thanks To An Old Man Who Called Him A C**t In A Clown Suit

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 06 Aug 2020 15:25
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Pop icon David Bowie had a hilarious reason for staying humble: it’s because an old man called him a c**t in a clown suit. 

While most people would be pretty offended at being called that, Bowie was thankful for it, and credits the person who said it to him as the reason he stayed humble.

This particular moment occurred while the singer was filming his famous Ashes to Ashes video on a beach in Pett Level, East Sussex, UK. The video for the 1980 song cost £250,000, making it – at the time – the most expensive music promo ever made.


Wearing a clown suit and being followed by a bulldozer, the video was all going well until an old guy and his dog walked straight across the camera shot, not giving a toss about the filming.

The director then stops the man and asks him if he knew who Bowie was. The man simply replies, ‘Of course I do! It’s some c**t in a clown suit.’ Bowie later retold the story in his own words and dubbed it a ‘huge moment’ for him.

As per the Bowie Bible, he said:


It’s easy to get caught up in the hype. It changes you. So I was on the set of the music video ‘Ashes To Ashes’, do you know the one? So we’re on the beach shooting this scene with a giant bulldozer. The camera was on a very long lens. In this video I’m dressed from head to toe in a clown suit. Why not? I hear playback and the music starts.

So off I go, I start singing and walking, but as soon as I do this old geezer with an old dog walk right between me and the camera.

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He continued: 

Well, knowing this is gonna take a while I walked past the old guy and sat next to camera in my full costume waiting for him to pass. As he is walking by camera the director said, Excuse me mister, do you know who this is? The old guy looks at me from bottom to top and looks back to the director and said, ‘Of course I do! It’s some c**t in a clown suit.’

That was a huge moment for me, It put me back in my place and made me realise, yes, I’m just a c**t in a clown suit. I think about that old guy all the time.


Well, that’s one way of putting Bowie in his place.

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