Donald Trump Jr’s Wife Files For Divorce After 13 Years Of Marriage


Donald Trump Jr’s wife Vanessa is filing for divorce after thirteen years of marriage, according to reports.

Vanessa Trump filed the documents in Manhattan courts today (Thursday March 15), and is reportedly seeking an uncontested proceeding, according to Page Six.

This means that the couple have likely already worked through the details of the split, including custody of their children and any monetary issues.


The couple have five children together, between the ages of three and 10, and have been married since 2005.

It was reported that the couple were experiencing serious marital issues which were apparently related to Don Jr.’s extensive travelling as well as his controversial tweets.

A source told Page Six:

The problems have been there for a long time, the couple had hoped to stay together during the president’s time in office, but it is getting harder to resolve their issues.

He’s never there.

Donald Jr. is responsible for running the Trump Organisation along with his brother Eric while their father is in office.

According to sources, friends of Don Jr. have been concerned for the President’s son because of his tweets.

Their concerns escalated when Donald Jr. liked a tweet which linked antidepressants to mass murder, and also liked a tweet which attacked a teen survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.


Last year, it was reported that Don Jr. asked to have his security detail removed because he wanted more privacy.

The Washington Post quoted a source as saying a rotating set of agents were looking after all of Trump’s children.

The source said:

There are all these new people coming and going. The kids don’t like that. They can’t get comfortable with someone they don’t know.

A second source spoke to Page Six regarding Don Jr’s social media attitude, saying he hasn’t changed:

Don has always had a bold and aggressive nature on social, there’s no change to his stance on Twitter. His behaviour hasn’t changed, there’s nothing irrational about him, he’s always been bold, will say what he thinks and fight back,  that’s his personality on Twitter.

While [Don and Vanessa] are not legally separated, I cannot deny there are issues, there are a lot of intricate things that go on in a marriage.

Don and Vanessa are focused on their family, they are trying to do this quietly and privately and when they have something to say on the record, they will do so.

This has nothing to do with politics, this is a personal matter between two people.


The couple are yet to make an official statement at time of writing.