Dwayne Johnson Shares Video Of Daughter ‘Smashing The Sh**’ Out Of His Face With Food

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Dwayne Johnson Shares Video Of Daughter ‘Smashing The Sh**’ Out Of His Face With Food
Dwayne Johnson Shares Video Of Daughter ‘Smashing The Sh**’ Out Of His Face With Food (@therock/Instagram)

He may be one of the world's most in-demand movie stars, but that doesn't mean The Rock is willing to give up spending quality time with his family, as he's shared in an adorable video.

In a post shared on Instagram, Dwayne Johnson gave fans a glimpse of how he spends his down time, and much like his work life, it seems to involve a lot of getting hit in the face.

'You’d think after all this time, I’d learn my lesson of playing my little tornado’s favorite game, 'Daddy Close Your Eyes',' he wrote alongside the video, which shows The Rock's daughter, Jasmine, setting her dad up for a world of hurt.


Check it out:


'I trust you,' The Rock tells his daughter as he nervously keeps his eyes closed, adding 'I hear a lot of foil' right before she smooshes him in the face with a sheet full of peanut butter.

'What a fool I am,' The Rock captioned the post, before going on to add that he's all too happy to be the victim of his daughter's pranks if it means getting to spend time with her.


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'One day they’ll be grown & gone, and smashing the sh*t outta daddy’s face with peanut butter is the last thing they’ll want to do – so while they still love hanging out with daddy ~ bring on the peanut butter!' he wrote in the touching post.

The Rock has three daughters – Jasmine, aged six, three-year-old Tiana, and Simone, 20, the latter of whom has followed in her father's footsteps, signing with WWE last year to become the first ever fourth-generation WWE wrestler.

Dwayne Johnson with his children (@therock/Instagram)
Dwayne Johnson with his children (@therock/Instagram)

Even though his career takes him around the world, The Rock is clearly quite the devoted dad at home, and often shares cute snaps of his adventures with his daughters on Instagram, describing them as 'lil' tornados of mayhem'.


In a post celebrating Father's Day last year, The Rock shared how proud he is of his daughters, writing, 'Man as you go down this road of life, I realize more and more just how much these moments of caring & kind matters. Makes my T-Rex heart so full knowing that this comes naturally to my baby girls.'

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