Ed Sheeran Just Revealed He Will Release New Music This Week

by : UNILAD on : 01 Jan 2017 15:15

It’s certainly been a while since Ed has made an appearance in our lives, but it’s a new year now and he’s decided to make a come-back. 


The redheaded singer had seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth until now, as he’d made the decision to take a step back from social media.

All that seems to have changed though, and it looks like the guitar-playing-nice guy-of-pop, is set to make a much anticipated return onto the music scene.

According to The Hook, Ed wasted no time at all in sharing his long-awaited announcement on Facebook and Instagram, in a more unconventional way.


On top of that, the singer teased his fans by revealing they would only have to wait five more days – not even a full week into the new year – for his new music to drop.

What the popstar did ominously leave out though, was what this exciting musical treat will be.

Are we talking a new single here or a full blown album?

It’s not fair of Ed to leave us hanging like that when he’s just come back.

Ed clearly likes to cultivate an air of mystery though, after his re-emergence on to social media included an ambiguous blue box, posted on all of his platforms which was never explained…

We only have five days to wait before a little more becomes clear.

We’re just glad that Ed has returned, let’s hope he sticks around for a bit longer in 2017…

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    Ed Sheeran Announces That He Will Be Releasing New Music This Week