Elon Musk Confirms ‘Take Red Pill’ Tweet Was Not An Endorsement Of Trump

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 26 Jul 2020 17:25
Elon Musk Confirms 'Take Red Pill' Tweet Was Not An Endorsement Of TrumpPA/Shutterstock

Tesla boss Elon Musk has confirmed that his controversial tweet from earlier this year, in which he referenced The Matrix, was not an endorsement of President Donald Trump.

Musk – who is no stranger to a bit of controversy – prompted an online uproar when he tweeted ‘Take the red pill’ along with an emoji of a red rose, back in May.


The tweet was later shared by the president’s daughter Ivanka, who wrote: ‘Taken!’

However, the tweet prompted a rather colourful response from The Matrix director Lilly Wachowski, who simply wrote: ‘Fuck both of you.’

Of course, if you’re familiar with The Matrix, the film follows Neo, who is tasked with the difficult decision of the truth (in the form of the red pill), or to remain blissfully ignorant (in the form of the blue pill).


Spoiler alert: he chose the red pill.

While this may seem like an innocent reference to a classic film, the reference has largely been adopted by some groups from the far right who refer to being ‘red-pilled’, which means rejecting left wing social ideals in favour of becoming socially conservative.

Some people think the red pill is realising the world favours women over men, while others think it is an acceptance of white supremacy. Obviously, there are many different interpretations of what it means, even among circles on the far right.


So when Musk tweeted about taking the red pill, some people took it to mean an endorsement of the far right, the Republicans and even Donald Trump – so much so that even Grimes’s mother called him out on Twitter over it.

However, Musk has since spoken out about the tweet in an interview with the New York Times, in which he confirmed the tweet did not have a political agenda.

Elon MuskPA Images

He told the publication:


No, it’s just: accept reality as it is as opposed to what you wish it were.

When asked about how Ivanka must have taken the tweet, he added: ‘I think she was interpreting it through more of a political lens then it was intended.’

This might be a bit of a blow for Trump, who has always spoken highly of Musk, describing him as ‘one of our great geniuses’.

Musk has previously sat on business advisory councils for Trump, although he withdrew after the US was removed from the Paris agreement.


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