Elon Musk’s Tweet About Space Has Become A Viral Meme

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Elon Musk's Tweet About Space Has Become A Viral MemePA Images

Elon Musk’s tweet about ‘those who attack space’ has now been adapted by the internet community in the best way possible.

With the billionaire space race still in full swing, most recently shown by Richard Branson beating Jeff Bezos to become the first billionaire to launch into space, there has been criticism directed at the endeavours. People have pointed out that the money being spent on these missions could be used to address serious societal issues.


The criticism has obviously touched a nerve with Elon Musk, with the Tesla and SpaceX founder having tweeted about how those attacking space don’t understand what it represents.

Musk posted:

those who attack space
maybe don’t realize that
space represents hope
for so many people


In response, some people responded with further criticism of the vast sums being spent on these ventures. One user wrote, ‘Nobody is attacking space. We’re attacking billionaires who amassed vast fortunes on the backs of an exploited work force using those fortunes to hold an extravagant dick measuring contest instead of doing anything remotely helpful with their ill gotten gains.’


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Others, however, had more brutal responses. One replied, ‘those who pay no taxes, maybe don’t realize that, money represents food, for so many people,’ while another commented, ‘billionaires who act clueless, maybe don’t realize that, they represent evil, for so many people.’

The more mischievous examples, however, led to a deluge of comedic responses. One user said, ‘those who attack space maybe don’t realize we played Atari Space Invaders in the 80s.’ Another reply read, ‘those who attack the gossip girl reboot, maybe don’t realize that, the gossip girl reboot represents hope, for so many people.’


Like Musk and his endeavours or not, he certainly knows how to inspire a meme.

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