Eminem Is Selling His Mansion For Half The Price He Paid For It


Unfortunately for most of us, due to the state of the global economy, it’s scuppered our chances of not only getting on the property ladder but for those of us who have, how much our property has decreased in value.

It seems like Hollywood’s A-listers have been unable to avoid the repercussions of the crisis too – Exhibit A, Mr Marshal Mathers.

Eminem has listed his Detroit mansion for sale, but at a fraction of the price he actually paid for it.

Realcorp / Coldwell Banker

The six-acre property, which Shady bought 14 years ago, has been listed with the estate agents Coldwell Banker, Weir Manuel-Bir for $1,999,000 – which is roughly just over £1.5 million.

The estate is located in Rochester Hills, Michigan, north of Detroit – his hometown – and features:

Tennis courts, waterfall pool with spa, entertainment cabana, guest house with wild game room and private pond.

Realcorp / Coldwell Banker

The mansion was built in 1986 – a period that saw Detroit home to the United States’ auto industry – but in recent decades, it’s been in major economic and demographic decline.

Mark Maragon, who works for the estate agents, describes the property as a:

SPECTACULAR gated estate on nearly 6 acres with guard house.

This private sanctuary has over 17,000 square feet of living space.

Realcorp / Coldwell Banker

Shady’s mansion has a total of five bedrooms – all with their own bathroom suite and features a waterfall pool, complete with slide, as well as a spa.

Spread out across two floors, the gated house also boasts a 3-car garage – perfect for an array of flash vehicles and a hot tub.

It’s definitely fit for those wanting to hide from the cameras – there’s also a guard house beyond the main premises.

Realcorp / Coldwell Banker

With those sorts of discounts I bet people are lining up to get their hands on it – anyone want to chip in a few quid with me?