Everyone Thinks Holly Hagan Got Bum Implants Because of This Photo


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Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan has caused controversy for posting a pic of her bum to Instagram sparking surgery rumours. 

The reality TV star took a selfie – or a belfie – of her behind while on holiday, causing mass speculation that she has had ‘help’ in creating the ‘perfect’ rear from butt implants.

You've gotta be resourceful when there's good lighting tho ?? #standonthebathifyoumust ??? @hollysbodybible

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Some of her followers slammed her for allegedly having surgery and then ‘pretending’ that the shape of her ass is all down to her fitness workouts.

One said:

Someone got a Brazilian butt lift. Looks good tho, just don’t fool poor girls into thinking this is through working out. Not fair.


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Another added:

As if she’s even tagging her fitness profile in this when her arse is so fake and you can tell.

A third posted:

Girl got some butt implants.

Phi phi ??

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And another commented:

Butt implants defo.

Holly hasn’t denied these claims reported in the Daily Star however, but did explain her other plastic surgery choices including botox into her brow because they look like ‘sperm’ apparently…

She said:

Anything on my face has not been a surgical procedure – it’s non-surgical.

However, I have had Botox on the top of my head because when I cry on TV, my eyebrows look like sperm. I also had lip fillers over a year ago now.

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Well that hasn’t really cleared that up to be honest…

Although, frankly, it’s 2017 and butt implants or no implants, she can do whatever the hell she wants.