Everyone Thinks Kylie Jenner Looks Really Pregnant On Snapchat


Kylie Jenner’s recent Snapchat photo may confirm reports there is a child on the way.

TMZ reported last night Kylie is expecting a baby with her rapper boyfriend Travis Scott.

Multiple sources have said both Travis and Kylie have been sharing the new with their friends and are excited.


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Although the two are yet to confirm the news leaving fans waiting anxiously, Kylie posted a Snapchat photo last night where she really does look pregnant.

In the snap 20-year-old Kylie is posing with her friends, taking a mirror selfie dressed in trousers and a black t-shirt.

And if you look closely at the baggy shirt it does seem to show a baby bump…

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Of course this could just be an optical illusion or the bulk of the top, but it could also be a hint from Kylie herself about the exciting news.

It is also speculated the pregnancy is the reason Kylie has only been posting photos on her social media accounts from the waist up recently, hiding her baby bump.

Rosé ?

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Kylie and 25-year-old Travis have been together since April after meeting at Coachella following her breakup with Tyga.

Sources have also said Travis has been telling his friends they are expecting a girl.