FaceApp Shows You What Paul Rudd Would Look Like Aged

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 17 Jul 2019 11:12
FaceApp Shows You What Paul Rudd Would Look Like AgedFaceApp

If you love a good chick flick or comedy, chances are you’ll know Paul Rudd.

He first graced my screen when playing the intellectual Josh on Clueless, before going on to slappa’ da’ bass in I Love You, Man and eventually becoming on on-screen regular as Phoebe’s adorable hubby Mike Hannigan (and briefly, Crap Bag) in Friends.


But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about the famed actor over the last three decades, besides the fact he’s an absolute treasure who should be protected at all costs, it’s that the fella does not age.

FaceApp Shows You What Paul Rudd Would Look Like AgedDreamWorks Pictures

I’m not sure if it’s some kind of special night cream, or whether his parents just happened to pass on the best genes ever, but he looks virtually identical after 30 years in the industry.

Luckily, technology has advanced incredibly over the years, and not only can be use our smartphones for clever things like FaceTiming the other side of the world and getting from A to B, but you can also use it to see what you’d look like if you aged about 40 years. You know, all the essential stuff.


So we decided to take a little look into the future with the FaceApp to see what Rudd would look like if, like the rest of the human population, he actually had aged and the results are pretty surprising.

FaceApp Shows You What Paul Rudd Would Look Like AgedFaceApp

Although we all know he lives in some sort of weird time-warp where ageing doesn’t exist, if time were to catch up with him, it wouldn’t be the worst thing. In the least objectifying way possible, he’s a good looking fella and he carries the grey hair and wrinkles pretty well.

Perhaps one day the 50-year-old will look his age, but for now we’ve got FaceApp to give us a little glimpse in the future.


Meanwhile, there have been concerns surrounding the privacy of the Russian-owned app over fears it might be sharing all your photos on your camera roll without your knowledge.

FaceApp Shows You What Paul Rudd Would Look Like AgedFaceApp

App developer Joshua Nozzi took to Twitter to warn users that FaceApp can upload photos beyond the ones that you provide to it directly.

He wrote:


BE CAREFUL WITH FACEAPP – the face aging fad app. It immediately uploads your photos without asking, whether you chose one or not.

As soon as I granted access to my photos it started listing them slowly a row at a time, almost like network delays.

I quickly hit Airplane Mode and it instantly listed them all, refusing to let me select any because I’m offline. IT’S UPLOADING ALL YOUR PHOTOS.

However, this claim has been disputed by security researcher Elliot Alderson, who downloaded the app and looked at its traffic. He claimed it uploads the photo you have modified – and only that one – to its servers. He then criticised Nozzi for ‘creating an article on a speculation which is incorrect’ before telling people to verify their claims first.

Either way, Paul Rudd is ageing like a fine wine.


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