Fans Concerned For Selena Gomez After Images Of Her On Beach Emerge


Selena Gomez is making waves again as she hits the beach for some winter sun, revealing the recovery she’s going through from her recent surgery and a distinct lack of a Bieber.

The ‘Bad Liar’ singer was spotted splashing about in the sea in Cabo, Mexico, all happy and larking about with mates, and wearing a plunging black swimsuit. Or a swimsuit as it’s known in non-tabloid English.

But as well for showing a joy de vivre like only a popstar on holiday in Mexico on the last day of the year can muster, Selena also showed off the scars of her recent surgery.

For those of you out of the loop, Selena had an urgent kidney transplant earlier this year in September, as she was diagnosed with Lupus.

In her post Selena wrote:

I’m very aware some of my fans had noticed I was laying low for part of the summer and questioning why I wasn’t promoting my new music, which I was extremely proud of.

So I found out I needed to get a kidney transplant due to my Lupus and was recovering. It was what I needed to do for my overall health.

I honestly look forward to sharing with you, soon my journey through these past several months as I have always wanted to do with you.

Until then I want to publicly thank my family and incredible team of doctors for everything they have done for me prior to and post-surgery.

But that hasn’t stopped people taking to Twitter to ask the awks questions:

But thankfully, Selena’s fans have come out in force:

Good on ya, Selena Gomez, those scars are not from an insignificant battle and she shouldn’t be afraid of displaying them.