Fans Freak Out As Kendall Jenner Is Missing A Leg In This Viral Picture

by : UNILAD on : 10 Jan 2017 17:02

This is perhaps not your usual Kendall and Kylie photo you’ll be used to see hit the headlines, but fans are certain there’s something very strange about it…

Far from your average selfie or the standard lip filler/bum filler controversy, Kendall Jenner has set tongues wagging this time about her alleged missing leg, according to the Daily Mail.

A bizarre photo of the Jenner sisters at yet another glitzy event has got fans’ knickers in a twist because it appears Kendall only has one leg.


The weird picture captured the sisters with Hailey Baldwin and it sure as hell looks like Kendall is missing one of her legs.

At first glance, everything seems to be above board, depicting a generic red carpet event, but on closer inspection, it seems that there aren’t quite enough limbs to go around in this particular shot.

It’s obviously just a trick of the eye that is doing very weird things to us, but it seems this image has sent fans of the Jenner sisters into a meltdown.


One fan commented:

Where is Kendall’s other leg.

And other speculated:


There are a weird amount of legs in this photo.

Other followers tried to piece together the weird mystery that was baffling the universe.

One wrote:

Her legs are crossed and the other leg is underneath the dress.


Some have even tried to suggest that even though Kendall is facing outwards, her legs are pointing towards Kylie – surely she would be some sort of contortionist to pull this one off?

No-one lose their shit though, Kylie’s older sister still has both legs as she was snapped at the same event with both limbs on show.

Well thank god for that…

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    Where is Kendall's other leg?' Fans freak out after spotting missing limb in viral picture with Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin