Fans Revolted By Sylvester Stallone’s Tweet About Young Daughters


Sylvester Stallone, legendary, stacked, rich… but incestuous? 

Not my words of course, but the implications of many a social media user thanks to one ill-thought tweet from the man himself.

Here’s how it is: Stallone is deeply supportive and proud of his daughters. Not just personally but apparently physically, too.

Sharing a link via his Twitter, the veteran actor posted the following endorsement:


The Twitter reactions weren’t very understanding, with some people comparing him to Donald Trump who once said he’d be going out with daughter Ivanka if she wasn’t his own:

Speaking of Sly, he and Dolph Lundgren recently reunited – 32 years after their characters went head-to-head in Rocky IV.

71-year-old actor Stallone shared a photo of himself being friendly with Lundgren posed arm-in-arm as the two were all smiles for the camera.

Stallone captioned the snap on Instagram:

Shooting a commercial with Dolph today… Getting ready for working with the big man in Creed 2.

The two looked pretty happy to be reunited considering Lundgren played Rocky’s nemesis Ivan Drago in Rocky IV.

In the fictional fight to end all fights, the two battled it out in an intense 15-round match which saw Stallone’s Rocky only just about emerge victorious.

Giving an inspiring speech about how America and Russia should learn to try and love each other, Rocky appeared defeated despite winning the fight which essentially ended his career.

Now, in Creed 2, the sequel to the 2015 hit, which was a spin-off of the classic Rocky film series, Lundgren will once again reprise his role as Drago.

Although the Creed films focus on a new generation of fighters, Stallone has hinted how he and Lundgren will once again enter the ring in the rematch fans have been wanting for since the disappointing climatic fight of Rocky IV.

The next film in the popular franchise is set to be released in mid-November and will see Michael B. Jordan reprise his role of Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed, Rocky’s former-rival-turned-friend.

The movie will follow Adonis as he seeks revenge on the man who killed his father, none other than Ivan Drago.

Of course other details are scare but rumours are circulating Adonis will take on Drago’s kid which would be quite the revenge fight as the Russian beat Creed’s father to death during an exhibition match in Las Vegas.