Fans Think They’ve Worked Out What’s Wrong With Johnny Depp

by : UNILAD on : 02 Jun 2018 18:31
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Fans reckon they’ve worked out just why Johnny Depp has appeared online looking gaunt and thin, while touring with his band in Russia.


The pictures have rocked the internet, with fans expressing concern for the 54-year-old’s health, (as a result of his appearance), but some fans reckon there’s no cause for concern.

In fact, many are claiming the actor lost weight for a role in an upcoming movie called Richard Says Goodbye, a film about a terminally ill professor. However, things might not be that simple.

Johnny Depp with fans in RussiaJohnny Depp with fans in Russia@nadezdashestakova /Instagram

Little is known about the film at the time of writing, but it’s uncertain just whether this explanation does properly account for Depp’s weight loss and appearance.


According to Coming Soon, Richard Says Goodbye began filming in July of 2017, so it’s highly unlikely the film is still involved in principal photography.

It’s also unlikely the film is undergoing reshoots, considering the film is being produced by an independent film production company.

The film looks to be a small independent film, and is only the director’s sophomore effort after his debut Katie Says Goodbye, about a girl who turns to prostitution to fulfil her dreams of a new life.

Knowing what we do about the scale of the production, it’s unlikely Depp would still be involved in the shooting of the film, and as such, I’m unsure as to whether this explains Depp’s appearance.

Indeed, there’ve been photos of Depp at film premieres in between the aforementioned July shoot, and those don’t show him looking the same as he does now.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the transformation isn’t in preparation for an entirely new film which requires Depp to alter his appearance for the demands of the role, but it seems highly unlikely the film is for Richard Says Goodbye.


Depp, 54, posed for the photos with fans in Russia prior to a performance with his band The Hollywood Vampires, according to MailOnline.

The photographs were taken in St. Petersburg, where Depp’s band performed on Wednesday night, but fans have grown concerned over the actor’s appearance.

One person commented, ‘I think that my hero looks ill’, while another wrote ‘F*ck me is that Johnny Depp?’

Similar concerns were raised about Depp during his appearance on The Graham Norton Show last year, although the concerns were primarily based on his behaviour rather than his appearance.

During the show, Depp spoke about a trip he made to Disneyland, dressed as his character Captain Jack Sparrow and pretending to be a statue, telling the audience:

I was very excited to stand rock still and then shout out (in Jack’s voice), ‘Oi, what you lookin’ at?’

I got no reaction whatsoever – nothing! I then had to start describing the people I was shouting at so they knew I was real… it was exhausting and such a bad idea!

Regardless of what he was saying in his interview, viewers instead were accusing him of looking ‘drunk’ or ‘high’.

Others said he looked as though he was having to be held up by security at the premiere for Murder On The Orient Express.

A source close to the actor hit back at the accusations, denying Depp was drunk at the premiere. No official comment has been made on his health or appearance in the latest photos.


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