Fawlty Towers Star John Cleese Accidentally Says ‘F*ck’ Live On Radio X

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 10 Sep 2020 16:17
Fawlty Towers Star John Cleese Accidentally Says 'F*ck' Live On Radio XFawlty Towers Star John Cleese Accidentally Says 'F*ck' Live On Radio XRadio X

Fawlty Towers star John Cleese is going viral after saying ‘f*ck’, live on radio this morning, September 10.

The actor was being interviewed by Radio X host Chris Moyles when he made the naughty slip-up, when he innocently asked, ‘Am I allowed to say f*ck?’


It’s a bit late for that now, eh John?! But, who doesn’t drop an accidental F-bomb here and there?

Check it out here:

Since then, John has been trending on Twitter all day, with hundreds of Radio X listeners still reeling off his potty mouth mishap.


‘I already know that John Cleese asking if he’s allowed to say f*ck on Radio X is going to be the highlight of my day,’ one listener tweeted, while another added, ‘John Cleese has never progressed from being a naughty little undergraduate.’

A third described the slip-up as ‘the funniest thing [they’ve] heard in ages.’

I mean, it’s pretty childish, but it will never not be funny.


The Monty Python star was appearing on the radio show to promote his new book Creativity, which is said to be an ‘amusing guide’ to show the world that creativity is a skill anyone can acquire. He writes about how people can get over a creative block, and explains the nature of the creative process.

It comes after Cleese accused ‘political correctness’ of being the fastest way to prohibit creativity, and challenged comedians to tell a ‘woke joke’.

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme earlier this month, he said:

PC stuff started out as a good idea, which is, ‘Let’s not be mean to people,’ and I’m in favour of that despite my age. The main thing is to try to be kind. But that then becomes a sort of indulgence of the most over-sensitive people in your culture, the people who are most easily upset.

I don’t think we should organise a society around the sensibilities of the most easily upset people, because then you have a very neurotic society.


‘From the point of creativity, if you have to keep thinking which words you can use and which you can’t, then that will stifle creativity. The main thing is to realise that words depend on their context. Very literal-minded people think a word is a word but it isn’t,’ he added.

Cleese went on to say that people need to learn to separate ‘nasty, mean and unkind’ teasing from ‘rude remarks’ made in ‘an atmosphere of affection’.

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