Celebrities You Didn’t Realise Were Actually Really Tall


There’s no doubt that in the world of celebrities, it’s rather tricky to tell as a mere mortal how tall any of them really are just from watching them on TV or the big screen.

So if you ever get a chance to meet your idols in the flesh, it might come as a bit of a shock that those who you always thought were pretty average actually stand above you and almost everyone else.

Here’s just a few celebs who tower over their famous pals:

Calvin Harris


Adam Richard Wiles, better known as superstar Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, must have to bend over the decks as he stands at a staggering 6’5″, only an inch short of two metres.

Taylor Swift


Chart-topping singer and breaker of several celebrity hearts Taylor Swift stands at almost six foot tall 5’11” and going by this pic makes a 5’4″ Bruno Mars look like he’s a child trying on his dads suit.

Joel McHale


Best known as Jeff Winger in Dan Harmon’s hit series Community, Joel McHale is a solid 6’4″ and towers over Eva Longoria who’s only a couple of inches taller than five feet.

Khloe Kardashian


Khloe Kardashian wins the tallest Kardashian competition, standing at 5’10” she towers over sisters Kim and Kourtney, though her stature doesn’t make her any less irrelevant than the rest of her family.

Vince Vaughn


Comic actor Vince Vahugn, who’s known for comedies such as Dodgeball and Old School, is head and shoulders above his fellow comic actors Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill standing at 6’5″.