Floyd Mayweather ‘Calls Justin Bieber A Traitor’ After Instagram Insult


If you thought the beef between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was bad, it’s got nothing on the brewing feud between Money and Justin Bieber.

The two have been friends since their investment in social media app Shots, but it seems there might be trouble in paradise.

That’s because Justin Bieber has unfollowed Mayweather on Instagram, which caused an outburst from Mayweather.

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According to TMZ, when Money found out about the diss, he went ‘insane’, even calling him a traitor.

This is because Floyd was still a supporter of Bieber during his ‘breakdown’, according to the celebrity gossip site.

Since the supposed breakdown, Justin has been trying to improve the influences in his life, and has been attending the Hillsong Church.

Members of the church have been helping Justin cut out the negative influences in his life, and it seems that includes Mayweather.

It has been reported this might be down to Floyd’s ‘obsession’ with strip clubs.

According to TMZ sources, Bieber had been trying to ‘reset boundaries’ with Floyd when he unfollowed him on Instagram, but this rubbed Money the wrong way.

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This might actually explain the weird comment by Bieber last week when he said that he was firmly in Floyd’s camp but didn’t think Floyd would win in his fight this weekend.

In another wrinkle, Bieber isn’t expected to show up to the fight, and will be a notable absence.

On an appearance on Conan, McGregor responded to having Bieber in his corner for the fight.

MayweatherPA Images

He said:

All you gotta do is look at the statistics, Floyd hasn’t knocked anyone out in 20 plus years so there you go. Justin’s on the ball with that one!

I’m sure Mayweather has bigger things to worry about than Bieber in the final run to the big fight, but being ghosted by your mate isn’t an ideal way to instil confidence before the event.