Francis Bourgeois Speaks Out On People Who Doubt His Authenticity

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Francis Bourgeois Speaks Out On People Who Doubt His Authenticity@francis_bourgeois43/Instagram

From railways to Warehouse Project, Francis Bourgeois has taken the internet by storm with his wholesome trainspotting videos. Now, he’s settling the score on the rumours surrounding his authenticity. 

The UK-based TikTok star quickly rose to fame after showcasing his passion for locomotives through his heartwarming videos featuring that headcam angle. However, suspicions over whether the star was cleverly putting on an act quickly grew after The Tab uncovered his real name was actually Luke Nicholson.


The revelation seemed to open up a pandora’s box for fans-turned-sleuths, who soon uncovered snaps of the train enthusiast not sporting his usual attire. Meanwhile, MixMag claimed to have discovered electronic dance music made by the star.


Bourgeois has spoken of his love for the genre previously, telling The Face: ‘I feel like there’s a lot of connection between my passion for trains and my love for music, especially electronic music, with industrial sounds similar to big diesel engines and [the] clickety clackety of the rails.’

However, the Tiktoker has been forced to address rumours surrounding whether his love for trains is genuine, taking to Instagram to highlight that ‘trainspotters can come in different shapes and sizes’.


The train enthusiast began by acknowledging the rumours swirling about him: ‘I see people have been doubting my authenticity and whether I’m actually a trainspotter, mainly because of images of when I was younger.’

Bourgeois explained that his favourite thing to do when he came home from school was to play with trains, but after ‘experiencing loneliness’, he ‘decided to try and fit in a bit more’. So, he sold his model railway to fund a gym membership and changed his hairstyle.


‘I even wore roadman clothes but it wasn’t me and it wasn’t making me happy at all’, he explained.

He continued:

Lockdown happened, my hair grew out and I reclaimed my love for train through my videos.

Life is so much more pure now that I’ve reconnected with my passion.

The star concluded by reinforcing the message that there’s no one way to look to be a trainspotter, and honestly, we’re here for it.


Okay, now we’ve established you can dress however you want and still like trains, can we watch his wholesome videos in peace?

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