Future Roasted For Giving His 5-Year-Old Son A Rolex For His Birthday

Future Roasted For Giving His 5-Year-Old Son A Rolex For His BirthdayFuture/Instagram

When I was a kid I used to spend hours labouring over the toys section of the Argos catalogue, trying to decide between the plastic machine that spat chocolate bars out or the newest Bratz doll.

But kids’ birthdays are very different in the celeb world, which has been proved by Future, who gave his son a brand new Rolex for his 5th birthday.

The rapper posted a series of photos from his son’s superhero themed party, which pretty much looked like a child’s dream.

One of the clips showed the child opening the box to a Rolex, and his reaction was nothing short of incredible.

The underwhelmed rapper’s son gave a half-hearted ‘thanks’, but as you’d imagine, the wonderful people of the internet are mercilessly ripping into Future for buying his son quite possibly the most inappropriate present for a five-year-old, ever.

Among his followers, the general consensus seems to be ‘what the hell is a five year old going to do with a Rolex’, and we’d be lying if we hadn’t asked the exact same thing. Although, we have a sneaky feeling he’ll be a lot more grateful in 10 years time when his 15th birthday comes around and he’s asking for a whole host of designer gear.

But, Future junior isn’t the only rapper’s child who seems to be rolling in designer jewellery, as DJ Khaled recently revealed he’d spent an eye-watering $100k (£785k) on a diamond studded watch for his child, who was only one at the time.

Anyone else wondering what they must’ve done wrong in a previous life to not be born into a millionaire’s family?

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