Genie Bouchard Takes Relationship To Next Level With Guy Who Won Twitter Bet

Eugenie Bouchard/Instagram

We all love ‘Genie’ Bouchard, don’t we. What with her 67 per cent win ratio at Grand Slam tournaments thanks to getting to the third round of the Australian Open in 2017, the first round of the US open and Wimbledon. 

Recently, the tennis star has taken somewhat of a backseat thanks to her social media presence.

See, Genie went on a date with fan John Goehrke after he asked her out over Twitter.

He asked her, if NFL’s New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl last year, would she go on a date with him:

The Patriots won, Genie took him up on his offer and the two have so-far lived happily ever after.

Rumour has it the pair have been enjoying strolls along the beach, as well as snapping themselves hanging out indoors together.

Genie Bouchard/Instagram

Today, rather full circle, the pair intend on returning to the scene of the crime, for their biggest date yet: the 2018 Super Bowl:

It’s apt the Patriots are to play once again, but this time, it’s against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Who knows what will happen. Maybe John will propose?

I for one wish these two all the best. Cin cin!