Geordie Shore Star Slammed For Sharing Pics Of Dying Nan



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Fans have come down on Chloe Ferry like a ton of bricks following her latest Instagram post of her dying nan in hospital. 

The reality TV star has been shamed for posting a photo of her lying next to her nan on a hospital bed and people really aren’t happy about it at all…

The Mirror reports that Chloe received a backlash for sharing the picture on social media, as fans deemed it to be ‘insensitive.’

She posted the picture smiling next to her ill nan, who can be seen wearing an oxygen mask and certainly not in any position to pose for a photo.


She captioned her image:

Rip nanna love you so much! Never forgotten

However, after receiving such a negative response, the Geordie star decided to delete it off her social media platforms, but the damage was definitely done with screenshots captured of the image and outrage continuing…

However, some people didn’t feel the post was that bad and instead offered support to the TV celeb during this difficult time.

That situation certainly escalated very quickly…

Extremely awkward for Chloe, and social media backlash is not something you need when grieving.