Girl Justin Bieber Hand-Picked For Private Yacht Party Reveals What Happened On Board

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One of the seven girls who was hand-picked by Justin Bieber to attend his little yacht shindig in Melbourne has revealed what went on.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Australian selfie specialist Nyssa Large revealed exactly what antics went on.

Despite signing a non-disclosure agreement (I imagine that’s her invite to the next yacht party out the window), Nyssa has surprised everyone by revealing that there was nothing to tell.

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That’s right, Bieber invited seven specific models onto a boat and they just ‘sat around and had some drinks’.

In response to claims that the girls were there to hook up with him, Nyssa said:

Oh no god no. It wasn’t even like that he was very polite, he was very respectful. It was just him and his crew and best friends… playing drinking games.

There was only about seven of us and we just all sat around and had some drinks… had good conversation. We talked about his concert, what each of us do.

Apparently he has ‘matured so much since his last tour’ and was ‘a little cautious’ (with good reason, Nyssa!).

The Aussie ‘socialite’ (because that’s a career now, apparently) also revealed that the famously bolshy superstar is ‘lovely’ and ‘really good to talk to, you can have a great conversation with him’.

I don’t think that’s enough to get your next invite reinstated Nyssa.