Gordon Ramsay Has Hilarious Reaction To Make Up Artist Trying To Look Like Him

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 27 Jun 2021 16:28
Gordon Ramsay Has Hilarious Reaction To Make Up Artist Trying To Look Like Himgordonramsayofficial/tiktok

Gordon Ramsay – celebrity chef or social media’s newest reactionary?

If the latest video to curl out of TikTok’s stranglehold on social media is anything to go by, it’s the latter, and Ramsay is responding in the only way Ramsay knows how: anger, denial, and lots and lots of shouting.


This time, it’s in response to a makeup artist who has recreated the chef’s messy blonde quiff and deeply-furrowed brow signature look. Safe to say, unless you’re sticking two pieces of bread either side of your head and calling yourself an idiot sandwich, Ramsay isn’t going to be easily impressed by any attempt to steal his likeness.

Check it out:


Before seeing any makeup applied, the video starts off with Ramsay saying, ‘Dude, no, stop it,’ and things don’t really get any better for the chef.


After a few unimpressed exclamations of ‘ugh!’ the makeup artist, also known as @jammylewks, applies his eyebrows, to which Ramsay responds, ‘Look, I singed my eyebrows by flambé-ing things!’

As Jammy applies lipstick to create Ramsay’s mouth shape, the chef simply mutters, ‘Lipstick? really?’, as the makeup artist moves on to perfecting the messy blonde quiff and frown lines.

Revealing the final look, Ramsay shouts, ‘Dude, that does not look like me. David Bowie!’

It’s not immediately clear why Ramsay shouts the late music legend’s name at the end of the video; presumably he thinks Jammy looks more Ziggy Stardust than Kitchen Nightmares, or someone out of shot just dropped Let’s Dance on the decks and Ramsay’s about to bust a move.


Sadly, the video cuts there, so we await his next TikTok video with bated breath.

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