Gruesome Pictures Of The Killers’ Frontman After Bike Crash Emerge


I got gas in the tank! I got money in the bank! I got news for ya’ baby, you’re looking at the man WHO’S ABOUT TO CRASH INTO A ROCK!

The words uttered before Brandon Flowers’ savage cycling accident? Possibly. It is also unconfirmed whether or not the Killers’ singer hit a rock, but what we do know is that he’s messed up his face pretty bad.

Bono broke the news in a recent interview, claiming that Flowers had been involved in a biking accident but not as bad as the one he suffered a few years ago.

However, we now have photo proof of the mishap, exclusively from the band’s Twitter account.

Check this:

Almost feel bad about my opening joke now.

Not a hair out of place, though. We’re still looking at the man. Just maybe a man who should hang up the biking boots for a while.

The Killers’ new album Wonderful Wonderful is available for pre-order now and out on September 22.